Individual Membership

The Friends of Feambra are individuals interested in culture and tuned into what is happening in Brazil and in the world. With a distinctive social vision and an eye toward the coming generations, looking for quality information at first-hand. For its role in the cultural arena, Feambra gives its members a range of benefits such as discounts in hotels and museums, exclusive invitations for expositions, artistic and cultural publicity and a personalized gift.

Meet some of them:

 Adriana Gordon Paves
 Anderson Batista Carvalho e Silva
 Carla Galdeano Candiotti
 Carolina Magalhães Forner
 Daniel Ben-Natan
 Daniel Orfale Giacomini
 Danielle Leoni Nascimento
 Denise de Cássia Zilio
 Eduardo Jean de Aguiar
 Everton Gabriel Monezzi
 Fabíola Meira de Almeida Santos
 Fausto Rangel Gontijo
 Flávia Orsi Leme Borges
 Gisela Pfau de Carvalho
 Gennaro Velleca
 Guilherme Azevedo
 Karolina Previatti Gnecco
 Maria de Fátima Patury Acioli
 Maria Helena Coury
 Marieta Carvalho
 Martius Lessa
 Nelson Luis Colás
 Paulo Matos Jr
 Rafael Raddi
 Renato Masumoto
 Roberto Gheler
 Rubens Pereira
 Thais Gontijo Venuto