• Guidance and legal advice in the establishment of Associations of Friends;
  • Legal advisory service/representation for the cultural entity before the tribunal/legal authority in respect of inconformities to the law;
  • Direct link between associations and museums;
  • Representation of its members abroad;
  • Access to Feambra’s relationship plataform;
  • Publication of the entity and their link on Feambra’s web site;
  • Monthly electronic newsletter;
  • Federation’s National and International Mailling;
  • Partnership Actions;
  • Sponsored Projects and campaigns;
  • Exclusive discounts *;
  • Actions to provide interchange between individuals and museums;
  • Custom members' ID;
  • Gift developed exclusively for the members of Feambra;
  • Collaboration in attracting volunteers for cultural activities of our members.


  • Encourage exchange between individuals and museums;
  • Inclusion in Feambra's relationship platform;
  • Programs delivered via email;
  • Publication in the monthly newsletter (mailing: 17,000);
  • Unrestricted access to the site;
  • Space for new artists;
  • Exclusive discounts *;
  • Drawings and cultural competitions;
  • Custom members' ID; 
  • Gift developed exclusively for members of Feambra.