The Brazilian Federation of Friends of Museums (Feambra) is a nonprofit organization, which has the primary role of fostering the creation and development of Associations of Friends of Museums across the country.

Our main targets are:

  • To foster cultural exchanges, in order to develop artistic and cultural knowledge;

  • To favor national and international cooperation between Museum Supporters Associations and other organizations that promote cultural preservation and development;

  • To encourage and promote the creation of the Cultural Social Responsibility Volunteers Network;

  • To encourage and promote artistic and cultural research and study projects;

  • To spread social awareness about how important is to preserve the National Historic, Cultural, and Ecological Sites and Legacy.

  • To act as interface and consultant for National Historic Sites and Legacy authorities;

  • To procure public or private funds to install or maintain museums, cultural institutes, study and research centers, expositions, artistic and cultural shows, and National Historic Sites and Legacy preservation;

  • To work together with public and private entities that develop similar activities;

  • To work with the World Federation of Friends of Museums, promoting cultural interchange between national and international institutions or artists.


To accomplish its mission, Feambra counts on hundreds of volunteers around the country – the Friends of Museums – who donate part of their time and their knowledge for the success and development of museums and cultural institutions in Brazil. They are strong allies for the preservation of national historic legacy for the Brazilians of all times, and carry in its fullness their social responsibility.