Feambra Guide

First published in 2014 by Feambra, the "Guide to Creating and Managing Associations of Friends of Museums," was the first of its kind in the country and one of the few in the world: it was developed to show how volunteer work in museums can benefits both to the institutions and to society itself.

Feambra now launches the new "Guide for the Creation and Management of Associations of Friends of Museums - Volume 2", with the purpose of illustrating in a practical and relevant way the management of the Associations in Brazil and in other countries, the possible tools to obtain resources, and legal aspects that affect the legal functioning, among other data.

The two volumes have a direct and accessible language, being divided into subjects, and in accordance with the guidelines of the World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM).

The objectives of Feambra are: to demonstrate that it is possible to raise resources, involve society in the development of practices in favor of culture and education, perform a good management of these associations and encourage, through them, voluntary work in museums, giving visibility and highlighting the idea that it is possible to carry out this type of work in different cultural segments.

"The Brazilian has a pre-disposition to do voluntary work, stimulated by his own experiences and international examples. Despite being widely publicized in areas such as health, sports and education, voluntary work in museums is little known here, "says Feambra executive director Camila Leoni.