The Federation of Friends of Museums of Brazil (Feambra) was founded on October 11, 1989 with the mission of collaborating in the preservation and dissemination of the Brazilian Cultural Heritage through the development of Associations of Friends of Museums, as well as supporting museums , associations and cultural entities in their activities for the cultural enrichment of our society.

The new board, led by President José Marcelo Braga Nascimento since 2006, has adopted as a policy the closest approach among members. Management also considers it a priority to disclose its objectives and the results of its actions to society.


Accredited in the Patrimony Department of the São Paulo Culture Secretariat, Feambra also has international representation. As an active member of the World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM), Feambra promotes contact between its members and institutions from more than 36 different countries, represents their wishes and interests and publicizes their work abroad.