Our main objectives are:

• Disseminate the concept "Friends of Museums";

• Assist the Friends of Museums Associations;

• Promote and support artistic, cultural and educational activities within museums;

• Hold meetings, forums and congresses;

• Promote and encourage cultural tourism;

• Maintain contact with people and institutions from Brazil and the world;

• Participate in international events promoted by the World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM), representing Brazil.

• Acting with the World Federation of Friends of Museums, promoting cultural exchange between national and international institutions or artists.

The Federation of Friends of Museums of Brazil (Feambra) is a nonprofit organization that has the primary role of promoting the creation and development of Associations of Friends of Museums throughout the country.

To fulfill its mission, Feambra has hundreds of volunteers throughout the country. It is the Friends of Museums, who donate part of their time and knowledge to the success and development of museums and cultural institutions in Brazil. The Museum Friend is a strong ally of the preservation of the national historical legacy, for Brazilians of all times, and it exerts in its fullness its social responsibility.



With the increasing participation of Brazil in the world scene of Friends of Museums, represented by Feambra, the World Federation of Friends of Museums invited its Executive Director, Camila Leoni Nascimento, to be the first to assume a new position alongside the managers of the organization, the Coordinator of Young Friends and Social Networks. The new position strengthens the role of Feambra and the Country for the responsibility of centralizing all information about the cultural actions of the federations of museum friends and disseminating them on social networks.


Feambra guides its activities in supporting museums in their activities, in the development and strengthening of Friends Associations and in encouraging cultural tourism.

One of the greatest benefits offered to museums is the wide dissemination of their exhibitions and events in their vehicles of communication, among them the website (www.feambra.org), the newsletter, the blog and the social networks.