Who we are

The Federation of Friends of Museums of Brazil (FEambra) is an OSCIP that has the primary role of favoring the creation and development of Associations of Friends of Museums throughout the national territory.

As an active member of the World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM), he represents his associates - Friends Associations, museums and cultural entities, individuals - abroad.


The mission of Feambra is to collaborate in the preservation and dissemination of the Cultural Heritage of Brazil, through the development of Associations of Friends of Museums. Support museums, associations and cultural entities in their activities for the cultural enrichment of our society.


• Commitment: Feambra is dedicated to the exercise of its role to collaborate in the cultural development of Brazilian society.

• Respect: Performance of their activities with responsibility and respect, without discrimination and with freedom of expression.

• Ethics: Ethical, integral and transparent action, with all people and entities, as part of the reality of the Federation.